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Parts of a Water Well

well-drill-diagram-copy1As any dug, driven, or drilled hole in the ground for the use of extracting groundwater in underground aquifers, water wells have shown to be very useful throughout history. For the past 8,000 years, humanity has been using this method to provide water for up to entire villages at a time. Since then, the process and layout of the water well has been made much more streamlined and efficient.

In owning, operating, and maintaining a private water well, it is important to understand the different components that it is made up of. See the diagram to the right for an outline of a water well system and read below to learn more about each part: Continue reading

Combining Physics Lessons, Centrifugal Pumps, and Drinking Straws

Do you know how your pump works? From consumption to irrigation purposes, a centrifugal water well pump is responsible for the removal and/or transfer of water from a water well. By simplifying the function of these pumps, you’ll find that they have a lot in common with a drinking device we use everyday. Continue reading