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‘Where in the World is A.Y. McDonald’ Giveaway

With products that serve many functions and a company with over 161 years of service, A.Y. McDonald is very well traveled. From a gas valve at the famous Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington to a curb box lid in Glen Falls, New York…Tell me, where in the world is A.Y. McDonald? Continue reading

How Instagram Creates a Snapshot Into Our World

untitled-design‘Capture and share the world’s moments’. As Instagram’s tagline, these words ring true on just how visual the social media network is. It’s about taking others with you and sharing moments of your day. It’s a snapshot into one’s world…with A.Y. McDonald now representing one of these worlds. Continue reading

McDonald Throwback

A throwback is characterized as a sudden reminder of the past. As a feeling that can often come from looking at a photograph, this concept is used for the social media trend, Throwback Thursday (TBT). Posted specifically on Thursdays and partnered with a hashtag, #TBT means the user posts or reposts older photos – reminiscing back to the time and event of the picture. Continue reading

Search us. Follow us. Pin us.

Search, save, pin, follow, repeat.

Between the addition of an Innovation Department, the celebration of our 160th anniversary, and skyrocketed social media efforts, 2016 has brought a lot of change to A.Y. McDonald. And now we are announcing yet another: the launch of a Pinterest page to our already active social media presence. Continue reading

A.Y. in the Wild Giveaway

Get your cameras ready and binoculars on.AY-InTheWild copy[3]

We challenge you to a quest of hunting and documenting ‘A.Y. in the Wild’. Every time you come across an A.Y. McDonald product being used out in the world, whether it’s a gas meter bar, curb box lid, or even a sump pump, snap a picture and either email us or send via any of our social media pages. Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient to a Solid Communication Plan

Untitled design

Old Spice, Staples, Nike, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. What do all these companies have in common? Other than the fact that they’re all well known, they also hold a very active presence on social media. Chances are, I bet you’re even following at least one of these businesses on Twitter or ‘liking’ them on Facebook. Continue reading