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When Meter Adapters Meet Meter Standardization

Do you remember, just a decade ago, when every cell phone type seemed to have its own charger to go with it? Many people couldn’t share chargers and a new one was required with the purchase of a new phone. Gas utilities have to deal with the same concept when it comes to switching out meters and matching meter connection sizes. However, the use of meter adapters makes the concept of gas meter standardization not just a reality, but also the most practical solution. (highlight to tweet) Continue reading

Shedding Some Light on ‘Light Size’ Meter Connections

It takes the collaboration of many parts and pieces in order to provide the proper amount of natural gas to a home. Between BTUs, inches of water column, and PSI, the terminology used in measuring high pressure gas parts really keeps the industry itself connected. When it comes to meter connections in particular, there’s one measurement that stands out from the rest and that’s ‘light size’. Continue reading

The Added Bonus of Having Your Gas Meter Set ‘Anchored’

6480Most homeowners don’t give a second thought, or even a first one, to the different ways natural gas is delivered to their home. This is understandable as the installation process and the ownership of the gas meter set belong to the gas utility companies that control the flow of gas. There are many varying installation methods that are impacted by several factors. This includes the decision on whether or not to use a cast iron meter bar.

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