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Between the addition of an Innovation Department, the celebration of our 160th anniversary, and skyrocketed social media efforts, 2016 has brought a lot of change to A.Y. McDonald. And now we are announcing yet another: the launch of a Pinterest page to our already active social media presence.

'Each pin tells a story while each board helps create the personality According to Upkeep Media, Pinterest is described as a ‘visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.’ These ideas are organized through the creation of pins that are then categorized into personable boards. A user can easily search for a topic or regularly follow certain boards or users in order to view more content. Each pin tells a story about the user behind the profile while each board helps create the personality. (highlight to tweet)

 The sole purpose of social media is to communicate electronically with people by sharing information, ideas, and personal messages, which is exactly what Pinterest helps us achieve. Although homeowners may make up a large portion of Pinterest users, businesses are using this resource more and more due to its ability to highlight their products, YouTube videos, and blog posts. In addition, businesses can also benefit from the blue pins that represent e-commerce capabilities for the website. Plumbing companies in particular hold an active presence on Pinterest.

While Pinterest is visually based, all social media platforms have moved or are moving toward this direction. If a user pays any attention to their analytics, they will notice that the most visually appealing posts receive the most views. With an already active Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presence, the creation of a Pinterest profile will only strengthen our social media strategy. For A.Y. McDonald, each profile isn’t treated as simply a social media platform. It’s Search us.Follow us.Pin us.treated as a means of helping shape the personality behind the A.Y. McDonald brand in today’s digital world.

Whether you’re seeking a plumber or searching a recipe, look to Pinterest to provide information on anything in between. All we ask is that you search, follow, and pin A.Y. McDonald while you’re at it!

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