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When Meter Adapters Meet Meter Standardization

Do you remember, just a decade ago, when every cell phone type seemed to have its own charger to go with it? Many people couldn’t share chargers and a new one was required with the purchase of a new phone. Gas utilities have to deal with the same concept when it comes to switching out meters and matching meter connection sizes. However, the use of meter adapters makes the concept of gas meter standardization not just a reality, but also the most practical solution. (highlight to tweet) Continue reading

Thinking Beyond the Cash Register

handsUtility companies have the option to do a lot more than just provide homes and buildings with access to water, gas, and electricity these days. Through the use of philanthropic and educational efforts, public utilities are showing that they genuinely care about and contribute to the communities they serve. Continue reading

Meter Tampering: Picking the Pockets of Honest Customers

It’s common knowledge that if you want access to a public utility’s service on your property, then you are required to pay for it. Seen as one of the necessary costs to maintaining a home or building, most people succumb to taking full responsibility of their energy intake and pay the fees without question. Continue reading

Beating Pipes at Their Own Game

There are well over one million miles of pipes running beneath our streets and the majority of them are approaching ‘old age’. (highlight to tweet) All throughout the country, the decaying drinking water systems that were built around the time of World War II and earlier are in need of replacement, not just the simple repairs most cities resort to.crumbling infrastructure Continue reading

Improving Utilities, One App at a Time

potholePicture this: you’re driving down the road while singing along to the radio when a huge pothole comes out of nowhere. You quickly swerve out of the way just in time to avoid losing a tire to what you’ve already nicknamed the ‘blackhole’. And no, you’re not clever enough to name a pothole just as quickly as the moment you saw it. In fact, it is the same pothole that’s been there the past few months. Continue reading